The Nooks+ Retail Membership is our standard package offered at all retail nook stores. This membership is designed to provide you with the necessary tools, support, programs and networks to launch, learn and successfully grow a handmade business full time in retail.

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About Oshawa Centre

  • 9.9 million customer visits in 2019
  • 346 million dollars customers spent at the OC in 2019
  • The Nooks store generated $67,000 in vendor product sales in the first 4 weeks of opening on February 9th, 2020
  • Customers spend an average of $89 per visit
  • Customers spend an 1 hour + shopping

The Nooks Oshawa Centre customer profile

  • 68% are female
  • 72% are college / university educated
  • 75% are in the workforce and have dual income 
  • 47% shop exclusively at The Oshawa Centre

Inside the Store