The Nooks General Store Pop Up Market Membership 


Thank you for your interest in being a part of The Nooks General Store Pop Up Markets at the Oshawa Centre Mall. 

Our pop up market membership is inspired by all things food and drink and our passion is to provide the best retail venue, support and customer base to help grow your handmade business in Durhams’s largest mall.

Why should you sign up for The Nooks Pop Up Membership?

We have been leading the way with our original retail model since 2016 and have built strong infrastructure and a customer base to support our handmade community. In 2020 alone ( and closed for 5 months of business, due to covid!) We have put over 1.4 million dollars back into the small shops we support, who choose to grow their business to the next level with The Nooks. In 2019, The Oshawa Centre Mall retailers brought in 346 million dollars and welcomed over 9.9 million shoppers through its doors. We have the volume, the sales and the impact to help you get noticed and grow successfully.

  • You can give retail a test drive in Durham’s largest mall. This is the perfect opportunity to meet our customers, our staff, existing vendors, and ask your questions! 
  • We have the reach and impact! Between The Nooks mailing list, website traffic, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook we have over 50,000+ followers and loyal customers who stay up to date with the latest nook news. The Oshawa Centre Mall sees an average of 12,000 / day and up to 30,000+ on the weekend. 
  • We believe in consistency to help you grow! Our pop up market membership is perfect to establish a return customer base and earn a proper return on your pop up investment. For our bundle monthly market membership, you get to pick and choose the 10 days within a month that you want to pop up because we know, business happens beyond the weekend! For those who only want weekend, a Friday - Sunday membership maximizes your exposure and revenue! 

Requirements to participate: 

  • Food based businesses must provide their Dine Safe certificate and/or  letter from a commercial  kitchen you rent along with the kitchen’s contact information. 
  • The pop up monthly  market membership is a bundle price which provides you with up to 10 days / month! This means you can select days that work for you! If they happen to be the weekend, that is great, too! If you choose the weekend only membership you must be present Friday - Sunday. 
  • You must follow our load in / load out procedures at the Oshawa Centre Mall - great news, we have a loading dock directly behind the store! 
  • We provide your table set up and offer different sizes pending on your product / business. Your space is up to 6 ft wide and you are provided storage space in the store for your dolly, coats, bins, etc. if you prefer your own set up, that works, too! 
  • You must tidy your space before you leave. This means boxes, garbage, displays, and food / drink properly disposed of. 
  • The Nooks General Store is insured for the store / contents in it. Insurance for our events is not a requirement. 

Pricing for The Nooks Pop Up Market Membership 

  • 10 days / month membership: $425, you select your days! 
  • Weekend membership: $325 / weekend only (Friday - Sunday) * must vend for all 3 days! 
  • Please enter your preferred dates in the application form below!