Our Covid-19 Response Plan

As The Nooks does business with many small & independent businesses, we understand the effects that COVID has had on the entire artisan and retail industry as a whole.  We pride ourselves on moving the needle, developing and refining our business to be able to provide the best retail & online platforms so that we can support small businesses even in the toughest of times.

Since March 10th of mandatory closure of non essential services, we designed The Nooks Covid-19 Response Plan. Our response plan took effect March 17th, 2020 and all nook vendors were provided 3 options to choose from to manage their business with ours during our retail closures.  

Our Covid-19 closure options: 

  • If a vendor pre-paid their membership weeks before closure, these paid for membership weeks were credited back to the vendors account once our stores reopened.
  • If a vendor's membership was due during closure, we asked them to pay on their scheduled membership renewal due date (if possible) with the understanding that their membership time would only begin once our stores were reopened.
  • If it was not possible for a vendor to pay for their membership in option 2, then we asked them to pay the monthly marketplace-only fee to continue to reserve their spot once our doors open.  Once our doors were open, if they purchased a membership, we would refund them back any money spent on the marketplace-only membership.

* These 3 options were created to cover every possible case, and were designed so that membership time was only active when our stores were open.  We would never ask for membership dues if we were not able to provide the services which we promise.

If you have further questions and would like to get in touch with Colleen to discuss what a retail nook membership can do for your business, please email: colleen@thenooks.ca