Connecting Canadian Makers with Canadian Buyers   

We’re a one-of-kind community for one-of-a-kind makers. The Nooks is a Canada-wide online and in-store marketplace where independent creators like you can receive the support you need to launch, manage, and grow a creative business.  

Join a handmade marketplace built exclusively for Canadian artisans 

We believe in Canadian-made and your dreams. That’s why we provide our community of crafters and artists with the tools, resources, and support they need to handle every aspect of their business, giving them the freedom to do what they do best: create.  

Sell in store and online 

With 9 retail locations (and more coming), a powerful mobile app, and a popular online marketplace, it's easy to get your products noticed by customers across Canada.

No transaction fees

Build a successful business and celebrate your growth. Makers keep 100% of each sale they make. We don't charge selling fees or commissions.  

Reach millions of Canadians online

Sell your products to customers across Canada. Our stores and online marketplace put your products in front of 37+ million Canadians looking to support local artisans.

No listing fees

The Nooks doesn't charge listing fees. Whether you add 1, 10, or 100 products—your cost is always the same, retail memberships start from $200/m

Build your own Canadian handmade business 

Be proud to sell to a community built for Canadians by Canadians. The Nooks gives Canadian makers everything they need to turn their dream into a successful business.

Go live and start selling your products fast

Getting started with The Nooks is easy. Our maker resources help you learn the basics, so you can get your products listed and ready to sell in just minutes.


Our makers come first. Reach a new world of shoppers with a monthly subscription fee—no transaction fees necessary. You keep 100% of every sale you make. 

Reach new customers online and in-store  

Take your creativity to the next level by opening up your business to a Canada-wide audience.  

Show off in stores  

Meet your customers where they are. We offer various sizes of nook spaces in high-traffic retail locations throughout Canada—no long-term lease required.

Get the support you need  

Access the tools and services you need to grow your business from the ground up and expand past your local market and pop up.  

Welcome to the family  

Join a community of independent creators. Grow your business, form partnerships, and be part of curated community events throughout the year.   

Helping you do what you do best: be creative and dream big 

Our nookSTART program gives makers everything they need to hit the ground running.  

Support and education 

We support you through all aspects of running a successful business, from pricing and financial planning to marketing and distribution.

The Nooks Mobile app  

Give yourself an edge with an intuitive app made just for Canadian artisans. Create outstanding customer experiences with an app that’s tailored to your business and its customers.  

Events and partnerships

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve mastered the game, make connections, attend events, and grow even bigger with confidence.

What our 'Nookies' are saying

"Staff is professional, organized and proactive in every aspect of their business. Tons of unique products for everyone. Shop local. Spend local. Enjoy local. Support small businesses" 

- Gerard Joseph

Astrid - Glory Days Home 

"Joining The Nooks market and retail locations has been such a great and rewarding experience. The level of mentor ship, business education , promotion and support is incredible. As well an amazing benefit that is so empowering is the support and community found with all the Nookies for each other. This type of interaction is so wonderful and makes you feel like you are part of a great team."

Jenny & Karina - Something Green 

We just love being “Nookies” and are so thankful to the entire team for all of their help & guidance. We really, truly feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be apart of these stores. We have had such great success in both locations and are so excited to see what our future holds!

Angie - Freckle Face 

"I plan to grow with the Nooks and I can’t wait. I have a great respect for The Nook’s owner Colleen Imrie and her amazing innovative team that are always working hard for their Nookies because our success equals their success."

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Frequently Asked Questions  

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