Hey I'm Adam!

I joined The Nooks as a vendor in December of 2019 selling my sea salt spray.  I was just finishing my degree in Software Engineering at the University of Guelph when Colleen and I got to talking.  She had the idea of creating an online marketplace to go along with the retail space and I was on board!  We became business partners and I built and manage the marketplace as well as all technology behind the scenes at The Nooks.

I used my experience as a Maker to help try to build the perfect all in one tool for Makers.  A way to sell your products online, to control and manage your inventory and order, and to create tools to help easily promote your business! I recently moved away from Toronto to Vancouver, as I am a lover of the outdoors and an adventurous person it was the perfect place to be. 

If you look closely you'll see me on some mountain top skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, or one of the other typical west coast activities! 

Who knows, maybe even one day I'll be running The Nooks Vancouver ;)