Mike Godin of Wood and Tique

The Nooks - February 26, 2020

Mike Godin of Wood and Tique is a man of many talents. His company Wood & Tique designs and builds custom furniture and home decor for the discerning customer. All pieces are handmade, with material milled, made and locally sourced by Mike.

"I am a husband and Father of two girls. We all love to create and design. My wife, Tammy and I are partners in the business and life. It began the first summer we had “off” while teaching [2002]. We received a load of barn board and ceiling tin and it grew from there! We get inspiration from the small things… driftwood along the shore through to free pieces of furniture on the roadside. We have a small farm on the edge of Trenton where we tap and make maple syrup, grow Christmas Trees and harvest wild grapes for jelly and wine! I work from home and have a small shop consisting of both wood and metal fabrication areas. I mill lumber from our property and try to salvage as much material as possible to ensure minimal waste."

Mike’s entrepreneurial experience began at 10 years old, when he held a Sears catalogue route. This taught him how to manage money, to be accountable, and the importance of routine and discipline. Mike’s involvement with the Trenton 704 Air Cadet Squadron reinforced these values. A maker at heart, Mike has always been into fixing and creating. At 13, a young Mike built and sold replica sleighs for a folk art guild; by high school he’d restored his first car.

Working for the Department of National Defense gave Mike his first experience operating heavy equipment and working with hazardous goods. He quickly earned his military license (404). Today, Mike is comfortable operating many types of machinery, including most tractors, backhoes, forklifts, excavators, stationary machines and any hand held mechanical device.

Growing up in a military family, Mike was fortunate to have academic and trade experiences across Canada. In university, he studied geography and planning. Upon graduation, he was contracted at a Calgary planning and engineering firm as their Field Researcher. Says Mike,

"This was an excellent opportunity to hone my skills and to travel to remote sites across our beautiful country."

After his position as Field Researcher, Mike took a position as a Strategic Planner for the City of Sault Ste. Marie. Part of his responsibility was to gather data from the youth population, which inspired Mike to pursue teaching. Mike has taught since 2000, and earned a number of awards and accolades for his work.

In his teaching life, Mike shares his love of woodworking with students. He started an Integrated Technologies program at an elementary school, and taught adolescent learners courses in Fabrication, Custom Woodworking and Construction.

In 2012 Mike was declared surplus as a result of declining enrolment. With his family having just welcomed their second child, he decided to stay home and focus on their then part-time biz Wood & Tique full time.

"Moving our business to a full-time endeavour was/is a challenge. Balancing home and client requests can be demanding, even on a small scale. However, the skills and management of projects have taught me many lessons. I find designing and creating very enjoyable." 

Mike is a busy guy! During this time he built his family a summer home from the ground up, renovated a luxury condominium downtown, completed restorations under the Historical Society of the Castleton United Church and an Italian-Victorian home in Colborne, renovated a century farmhouse, and continues to build a portfolio of original, custom-crafted furniture. In the near future, he wants to create a retail space to feature, teach and sell his work— and he’s already got the permit.

In addition to his busy work and home life, Mike continues to be involved in his community. He volunteers his time and skills running a woodworking club for elementary students, building furniture for JDRF raffle/fundraisers, and volunteering for 4H as a group leader.

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