Urban Drawer

The Nooks - February 18, 2020

Urban Drawer is a sock company based in Edmonton, Alberta, run and designed by two sisters with a passion for fine details. We design unique, fun, and modern socks for adults and kids that function for everyday life. Our socks are exceptionally comfortable, ethically made with combed cotton for extra softness. From the subtle to the eye-catching and everything in between, we make socks for your style.

In addition to selling individual socks, we’ve created the Sock Pack. The Sock Pack is a monthly sock subscription service! Each month a new pair of patterned socks is delivered to subscribers.

Urban Drawer socks are created for your urban life. From business to casual, for the subtle and the outrageous, there’s a pair for everybody.


At Urban Drawer, we believe in giving back to the community. For every sock purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes toward giving socks to people in need. 

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