Sew Wild Canada

The Nooks - February 6, 2020

Sew Wild Canada was created by Renee, who decided to pass down the sewing skills she had learned from her mother to her daughter. Renee started by teaching her how to make baby quilts, then expanded to dog bandanas and then eco-friendly utensil wraps for adults and kids. The pair began selling their items on Etsy. As the business grew, Renee’s daughter got a full time job and mom took over the business as owner, CEO, and seamstress of Sew Wild Canada.

Sew Wild Canada offers colourful, high quality dog bandanas, eco-friendly utensil kits with bamboo utensils, and baby items. With tons of options for colour, pattern, and style, each piece is an opportunity to express your values and personality. Everything is handcrafted with love by Renee. 

"I enjoy searching out amazing fabrics which I love to use to create my bandanas and eco-friendly wraps. I am thrilled to see the beautiful, quality detailed products. I love having the opportunity to provide people with the choice to make a difference to the environment by purchasing a eco-friendly, zero waste utensil wrap."

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