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Hi, I'm Sara of Sara's Soaps and Candles!

I started soap making about 4 years ago when discovered an interest in using ice cube trays/molds to create hand poured gifts for the holidays. I ended up posting these creations on a local Toronto trading page called Bunz, and my hobby took off from there.  Shortly thereafter, I began making skull candles to trade, as I absolutely loved candles and skulls. I joined my first local handmade market a few months later. Everyone would mentioned how much they loved the skull candles, but would never burn them, so I knew I had to start making a product that clients could enjoy (and burn).  I was always a fan of scented candles, so began researching and testing the best ingredients to make my own line of scented candles. The rest is history! Sara's Soaps and Candles was born, creating 100% soy, hand poured scented candles, and skull candles made using unique dyeing techniques. 

A corporate law clerk by day in the busy financial district in downtown Toronto, I find I can unleash my creativity and passion for bringing amazing scents to the world evenings and weekends when I'm busy at my studio hand pouring candles, creating new labels and dreaming up seasonal scents for all to enjoy.  I grew up with a single mom raising me. We were always on a budget and she always valued handmade gifts for all occasions. I remember when I was 8 years old, taking a bed sheet and laying a fancy office work shirt over it to cut a pattern, then sewing the bed sheet office shirt with a thick royal blue yarn and presenting it to my mom for mother's day.  She loved it, but I don't think she could ever wear it. She taught me to be creative and use my resources to make treasured gifts. Something I value to this day - she always gets a candle and a handmade card for Mother's Day. 

The thing I love most about being a maker is sharing my passion with others, and hearing about other makers' passions.  We have such an amazing community of makers at the Nooks and throughout Ontario.  The Toronto artisan community is fantastic and generally supportive of one another.  I have had the pleasure of not only meeting some fantastic makers, but now call a lot of them my close friends. It truly amazes me how much passion and creativity we have in our city/province.  I think people see me as a hard worker, always liking to keep busy (which I am/do)!

My best advice for makers just beginning is to not to be afraid to make mistakes. We all start somewhere and that's the point of growing. Take everything as a learning experience and grow from it.  Ignore the negative and find a group of like-minded individuals that offer support - they are out there. Take for example the Nooks.  I joined the Nooks almost 3 years ago. I have always felt supported, encouraged and simply a feeling of growth while at the Nooks. From the maker meetups, to special guests coming in to chat, to all of the other makers I have met within the store--  it has all assisted both my personal and business growth. 

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