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Hi! I’m Jenny Lee, the maker behind Ritson Rd Crafts.

It all started 2 years ago with a Pinterest surfing session. I saw a sign that had a family monogram with names, and thought it would be the Christmas perfect gift to make for my friends and family. I was always good at hand-lettering and calligraphy, so I bought some wood planks and stain, and literally stood in a corner in my garage using my hubby’s sander to sand down the planks. I started stencilling the signs and hand painting each letter. I found that I was really good at it, and Ritson Rd Crafts began. I started small, making a few ads on a Facebook wedding group and getting a few orders through there. I was soon able to open an Etsy shop and things took off from there!

I love being a maker because it lets me be creative and crafty. As a stay at home mom to three boys, I needed something for myself. I chose to raise my family instead of embarking on a career, so once my youngest entered full time school I needed something to occupy my time. Making signs is the perfect blend of all the craftiness I have. Each sign is made by hand individually, from the sanding to the painting to the lettering to the framing. I use half the garage as my workshop for cutting and sanding wood. Yes, I do use a 12' mitre saw myself. It still sometimes scares me to use, it but I've learned to use it safely. I also have basement space for painting and drying. Although I don't love all the steps in the process, (i.e. sanding and learning new technology) I do love the end results. Everything about my handmade business makes it worthwhile for me. It makes me feel so creative and happy that someone out there likes what I made.

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