The Nooks - March 13, 2020

Hi! I'm Laura of Laulaubird.

It all began when I bought my dog an adorable plush toy ham for Christmas. It was beautiful, it was squeaky and Artie destroyed it the second I gave it to her.

I was frustrated by spending money on adorable dog toys only for them to be ruined immediately, so I started making my own.

Posting on Instagram about my toys I quickly had my first client, and then my second. I was calling my denim dinosaur dog toys Misfit Monsters, because they never really looked quite right. Each one was a little off, a little unique, but so cute and so loveable.

When friends started requesting cat toys I began experimenting with felt and things really took off. Suddenly everyone wanted one of my felt toys, but not just for their cats-- many wanted them for themselves!

Laulaubird toys are for everyone-- from infants to centenarians-- and they bring cute and fun back into a world that can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming.

I've always wanted to be a maker but never felt "Good Enough". When people started approaching me about my toys I built confidence, and took a chance on myself. I'm so glad I did!

I love creating cute toys, each a little unique and full of love. It means the world to me to bring joy to people through my toys.

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