Kala Clay Art

Latha Prajwal is the talented maker behind small business Kala Clay Art, creating stunning jewelry designs in polymer clay. A mom of two, Latha balances caring for her daughter (5 y.o.) and son (1 y.o.) alongside running her handmade business.

Latha has a background in fashion design, and has worked as a merchandiser and a buyer in the field. Her creative journey began when her daughter was born. A few months after her daughter’s birth, Latha’s husband left their home in India to work on a project in the UK. Latha felt he was missing so many beautiful moments with their baby daughter, so she began sending daily pictures and updates. To give the photos more variety, Latha started making her daughter accessories like headbands and crochet dresses. Latha caught the creative bug, and it didn’t stop there.

Thanks to her husband’s work, Latha and the family moved to the UK, then the US, and eventually to Canada. After experimenting with many crafts and doing lots of research, Latha finally found her medium; she fell in love with polymer clay. In November of 2019, Latha finally opened her Etsy shop selling her unique, handmade clay jewelry.

Latha’s designs are stunningly intricate, full of gorgeous shapes, patterns, colours and designs. Her pieces speak to joy and playfulness, sparking delight. Latha creates beautiful statement pieces, mixing bold pattern and contrasting colours for jewelry that is artwork in its own right.

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