Alexa White-Hawley of H2Tbody

The Nooks - February 26, 2020

I have been a maker all my life. I started creating my own butters and hair oils as a child with my grandmother and sister. Today I share this with my own children, turning all that love and tradition into a family affair.

My company H2Tbody offers everyday luxury body care from head to toe. It all began when I started giving my handmade products as gifts. Friends kept asking for more, and eventually they started to buy. I soon realized there was a real niche for the products I created, and H2Tbody was born.

Many of the recipes I use now were developed to meet a like or need of someone I know. We all have different skin so I try to create a good balance of products to meet those needs. In fact, adding soap into my repertoire came out of my husband’s love of handmade soaps!

People often comment on the wide range of products I have available. Well, I am a lover of choice! I give my customers a wide of choice of scents, textures and moisture. This way, every body can enjoy some everyday luxury.

I sometimes get asked where my company name came from. It’s pretty simple, actually. People would ask me where to use my body butters, to which I’d reply, “From head to toe!” This became H2T.

H2Tbody is a family affair. We like our everyday luxuries and we love sharing them with customers. Together we have created a growing line of soaps, body butters and balms for every body, from head to toe.

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