Laura of Fluid Concept

My maker story began as a creative pastime. I worked for years in a high pressure profession while managing chronic migraines. Creating beautiful things (and yoga!) helped to keep me grounded and provided me with a way to find some balance. After more than a decade of struggling with a work/health balance, I've come to appreciate that there is no better life than one that is curated to enhance my capabilities, my health and my well being. The story of Fluid Concept as my calling began.

Geode and agate inspired resin coasters and trays are the foundation of Fluid Concept. Art does not need to be strictly for canvas. Instead of your walls, I create original art for your home. One unique piece can help amplify a room; coasters are an easy way to make a distinctive statement. Small trays can be used as oversized coasters, jewelry and trinket trays, or any other way you can dream of.

All of my creations are one of a kind. I hope you find something that you love that adds to the beauty of your home, makes you feel something special and speaks to your distinct personality.

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Tumbled Flashy Labradorite


Double Terminated Moss Agate


Tiger's Eye Heart


Morganite Tumble