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I smirk a bit as I recall the very beginnings of this business. As the last of four kids to a single dad, the bigger kids thought I would only slow them down. Ha! but I was still victorious! As they plotted to sneak away to play their big kid games, I plotted to venture to their secret hiding places to borrow (steal) their stash of crayons, paints, paper, and the good cutting scissors. Anything I could get my little hands on. This desire to create never abandoned my heart nor my fingers. Today, it’s no longer crayons and paints.

The creative “business” has evolved and I evolved along with it. I discovered that keeping aligned to creative trends and electronic marketing opportunities, I could maintain some level of artistic relevance. But sometimes relevance and creativity are not enough. There are days when I wake up and head to my work-space and I experience a creative block or I’m just not inspired. I take my thoughts back to my humble beginnings when I shipped tools and supplies back to vendors in a mad panic because I thought I was making a mistake spending the money or I just didn’t think I could explore the full use of the items.

In my introspection now, I laugh at my own foolishness. I craft for the love of it. For the joy it brings others, their reaction to my imaginative flair. I’m inspired by people, memories, travel, even trips to the carwash (I enjoy the colourful mix of foam soaps sprayed unto the windscreen). I craft for the calm it gives me in a crazy world. For the possibilities it brings and the financial reward isn’t too bad. Most of all, it’s therapeutic and I’m an addict. Look out for my CraftyCollectables cards that are artful enough to frame and display.

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