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The Nooks - February 28, 2020

I am a Canadian-born artist and designer who seeks to delight, engage and entertain with my series of playful and cheeky greeting cards, prints and mugs. I hope that my funny cards remind us to notice life’s simple pleasures, such as the joy of a good pun or play on words!

I started to flex my entrepreneurial muscle around the age of about 6 or 7. I spent summers with my grandparents. I’d take their knickknacks and set up a “store” where I would invite them to come shop and I’d sell them back their items. I moved on to selling my clothes to friends in high school and then to having a variety of businesses throughout the years. My Granny was the one who got me interested in becoming a maker. I loved watching her knit; the speed at which her fingers moved, the sound of the needles clicking together and the magic that unfurled from them. I love the sense of accomplishment creating gives me; hearing people laugh at my cards makes it all worthwhile!

Today I live and work in my rural home and studio space located just outside of Markham, Ontario, and share a household with a cheeky black cat, two sweet, goofy dogs and my partner Richard. I enjoy travelling, meeting and learning from the world’s cultures, and have climbed not one, but two actual mountains!


My artistic community is filled with folks from all walks all life. They range from musicians to dancers, visual artists to wordsmiths, and filmmakers to actors. There are many that don’t even realize they’re artists. It’s around these souls that I feel the most comfortable and welcomed.


One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn as a handmade entrepreneur is that if something is no longer working for you it’s ok to let it go and move on. As a maker, I’ve gone down many paths and not every one has led to the success I’ve been looking for. I once thought of letting go and moving on as quitting or failure. Once I was able to change this perspective (and, no, it wasn’t easy-- I worked with a business coach to get past that doozy!) and see each path as a learning experience to enjoy instead of a pass/fail test I began to find the success I had been looking for all along. Now I believe that being a maker and an entrepreneur is all about finding your fit and being open to change.

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