Amanda of Bitter Gold Nails

The Nooks - January 28, 2020

Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am a young entrepreneur from an Indigenous family. My father was also an Indigenous business man. People would always tell me how much my father impacted them. I really admired that quality and knew I wanted to help people. Therefore I always tried to be the best I could, which was not easy since I struggled with anxiety. In fact, my anxiety led me to bite my nails. It got so bad that I was embarrassed to shake people’s hands. This was the beginning of Bitter Gold.

I developed Bitter Gold after I realized there was a gap in the market in nail serums. Bitter Gold contains three unique features: it strengthens nails, heals dry skin and tastes bitter— the bitter ingredient I use holds the Guinness World Record for the bitterest tasting ingredient. This clear, odorless nail serum also contains all the ingredients you'd want on your nails such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Silica and Biotin.

Having the formula manufactured in Canada was really important to me, but in the beginning many Canadian manufacturers told me no. But I was persistent, and continued to search even though I knew it would probably be easier to create the product elsewhere. Eventually I came across an amazing manufacturer that fit with my brand. Most people would be surprised about how large the independent Canadian cosmetic market is. Along the way, I have built many strong local relationships, and I hope to continue to meet driven local people. The community sees us as strong, hard working, creative and chic— a reputation I work hard to live up to!

I’ve never loved my nails as much as I do today, and I love helping people gain their confidence back.  

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