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The Nooks - February 28, 2020

Mama maker Elma is the passionate artisan and entrepreneur behind Bar & Wick Studio.

Elma’s former career as dental professional opened her eyes to the value of good self care and the importance of using environmentally friendly and non-toxic products. Being a mother of two busy munchkins, health has always been high on her priority list. She decided to start with her family, ensuring they used non-toxic body care. This small change sparked a passion for handmade soaps and soy candles, leading her to found Bar & Wick Studio.

"Bar & Wick Studio offers passionately handcrafted products with great quality and a personal touch. I could not be more happy to share my passion with the public, I hope that the quality of my products inspires others to be more health and environmentally conscious." ~Elma

Bar & Wick Studio offers passionately handcrafted soaps and soy candles made with natural and non-toxic ingredients. Elma creates her products with love and the hope that sharing her passion will inspire others to be more health and environmentally conscious.

In addition to being a mama, a maker and an entrepreneur, Elma loves to support local artisans, and is a passionate advocate of women in business.

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