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The Nooks - February 5, 2020

"I create one of kind wire wrapped pieces with gorgeous gemstones."

Alicia of Alicia’s Designs is a Toronto-based jewellery artist specializing in wire wrapped gemstone pieces. Self taught, Alicia says she’s always been a creative person but fell in love with jewellery making soon after trying it. She began Alicia’s Designs in her last year of high school, and started wire wrapping a few years later in 2015. In the beginning she says it was more of a hobby, but quickly became a full-fledged business.

One theme you’ll notice in many of Alicia’s pieces is a recurring symbol, the tree of life. Present on earrings, pendants, and wrapped across stunning stones, this symbol is a favourite of Alicia’s.

"I love the tree of life symbol because it means something different in every culture and to every person." 

Alicia has always loved using the tree of life symbol. It’s variety of meanings and familiar curves are reminiscent of femininity, connection, growth, and strength— all qualities present in Alicia herself. Her pieces are captivating, and seem to draw people in to learn more.

Every year Alicia pushes herself to attend bigger and better shows, and to work on growing her business. This commitment to growth shows up in all areas of Alicia’s Designs. Alicia loves challenging herself to learn new techniques, think of new ideas, and try different things. She’s excited for the years to come, and to keep sharing her passion with the people who appreciate it.

"I am passionate about what I do and I want to share it with the world."

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